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As a leading supplier of thermo guns in Kenya, popularly known as non contact infrared thermometer, we are grounded by humility and driven by ambition to offer high-quality customer experience from our products. To make delivery easy and safe during this tough covid19 period, we are offering free delivery within Nairobi for a limited period. We assure you of our full support.

Our business is built on values of honesty and integrity. We only sell to our clients what we can use ourselves. We know our credibility depends only on what we sell to you so we always insist on stocking nothing but the best for you. If it is quality then we have it. If your thermogun ever develop any problems, you simply return it and we give you a replacement; we care :)

A thermogun is a non contact temperature measurement device. It captures the invisible infrared energy emitted from objects and bodies above absolute zero. The energy is then converted to electrical signal. After processing the electrical signal, it's then displayed in units of temperature on the LCD screen.

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Thermogun: Ksh 2,000

Wall mount thermometer: Ksh 6,500

750ml Wall mount sanitiser dispenser {Battery}: Ksh 3,000

1L wall mount sanitiser dispenser {Electric}: Ksh 5,000

2 in 1 Wall mount thermometer with Sanitiser dispenser: Ksh 9,000

Stand {If you dont wish to mount on wall}: Ksh 2,000

Fogging Machine 16L: Ksh 48,000

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Choosing The Best:

Thermogun Price in Kenya

A thermogun is a contactless thermometer used to measure temperatures of surfaces near and far. Some of the situation where a thermogun can be used include; getting temperatures of people, reading temperatures of moving machine parts, reading extremely high temperatures in boilers and other places in industries, and reading temperatures food temperatures. The applications are wide. If you are in the market for such a thermometer then you could be worried about the thermogun price in Kenya.

There are quite many types, makes and models of infrared thermometers in Kenya. The different makes and models come with different features that affect the price of the thermogun. Expect to pay more for a thermometer that has a wide temperature range and one that allows for emissivity adjustments so you can accurately take temperatures of a wide variety of surfaces.

There are also other many features that will affect the thermogun price in Kenya. For instance some thermometers come with a backlighted screen,have auto shut off, energy saving mode and the ability to take a wide variety of measurements other than just temperatures. When choosing a thermogun it is important to know which features are useful to you and which might not. For instance if you work nights or take temperatures in areas that are not well lighted, having a thermogun with a backlighted screen is essential.

Features are not the only determinants of thermometer gun price in Kenya. Some suppliers are more expensive than others therefore it is essential that you also do some due diligence when choosing your supplier. When it comes to getting quality thermoguns in Kenya at the best prices then you should try us out. We only stock premium quality thermoguns and are able to sell to our clients at the best prices since we do not use any third parties.